Yeet Cherry Egg

A Healthy Snack With a Silly Woods Toy Included

Like the Choco Egg, the Yeet Cherry Egg was made with health & fun in mind.

To make it healthy we’ve enriched it with grain minerals & iron, omega 3 amino acids, zinc, fiber, and A, E, and B vitamins. The flavor is enhanced with the addition of 15% dried cherries.

To make it fun we’ve introduced toys with every Yeet egg that serve as an introduction to the Silly Woods ecosystem of toys, cartoons & mobile games.



Fructose (33%), Rolled Oats, Dried Cherries (13%), Cornflakes, Maltex (Barley Malt) (5%), Extruded Crisps, Sesame, Vegetable Fat (Sunflower Fat), Soy Lecithin.

Nutrition Label: